Leslie Epstein


Leslie Epstein

Mission Statement:

There are three main divisions of Real Estate that most Realtors special in separately but few are capable of handling all three.

Residential Sales
Commercial Property: Purchase or Lease
Income Property

As you may know that sometimes it is a huge problem finding the right fit for your personality when you are looking for a mate in life but few people realize that this is also a problem when looking for the right realtor. Most realtors do not have a business back ground so their approach to finding you a home , commercial property and or income property may be financial based for them and not necessary for you. I approach things a little differently. My expertise is in finding you the right fit for your esthetics needs and for your pocket book. This philosophy also crosses over into the world of commercial property and investment property for those seeking these types of properties. It comes down to does it make sense from a financial stand point.

I do my focused effort to find you the best fit no matter what you are looking for. I specialize in Beverly Hills, West Side to Santa Monica. I have assisted my clients into homes in Long Beach, Belmont Shores, La Jolla, Laguna to San Diego, Santa Barbara and when doing so I investigate the area on behalf of my clients so that I know it better than they do. You see I want clients for life. As their family and financial portfolio grows so do their needs and this is where a long term relationship counts. I have clients call me years latter to help with their real estate needs. And this does not stop at acquiring property but being there when and if you need referrals to trusted professionals. Those that treat my clients with the respect and professionalism they desire. I look at myself as your one stop service provider for all your real estate needs and I am there for the long run with over seven years of a growing network of satisfied customers.

Some Additional Qualifications:

My fiscal duties are to my clients and I take this seriously. My consulting and advice to my clients is from the standpoint of the best option for each individuasl needs. If you are a first time buyer I work extensively with you to ease the fear of this process and explain every step of the way. I sit down with you and go over the California purchase contracts so you understand what you are reading and I will navigate you through this exciting and sometimes frustrating process. If you are a seasoned investor or buyer then my level of work with you is a sounding board and a professional who will provide you the best opportunities out there. We work as a team to get what you want and I am proficiency in thinking out of the box where others may be stuck. I am experienced in dealing with investors who desire to purchase on the courthouse steps, renovate them and list them for sale. If this is something you do and you wish to have an experienced realtor who understands this process or you are an investor seeking an alliance then please do not hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I work with new developments and developers who seek a listing professional to manage and market their new construction homes or commercial property. I would asset in creating exciting marketing materials and create unique marketing opportunities to get the word out.

I hope you will allow my company Syzgy Realty at Keller Williams the opportunity to align all your real estate needs. My team and I will be happy to make all your dreams come true!

Leslie Epstein
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